Extreme Sports and Life Insurance – Important Pieces of Information

You may be wondering why you should rely on the Player Performance Level (PPL) score for all your fantasy sports and gambling needs. It’s simple: the PPL is the only true and accurate performance metric that gives you the power to predict future performance. Averaging simply does not take into consideration all the factors of the PPL, and therefore does not reveal an athlete or team’s true potential.

The PPL is formulated using a set of mathematical calculations as well as logical equations that consider factors such as the current performance and capability of an athlete or team. Additional factors that are also taken into consideration include: 먹튀폴리스

  • The physical, mental and environmental effects on an athlete
  • The relationships between teammates and coaches
  • How teammates perform and how their PPL scores can affect a particular athlete during a game
  • Relations with the media
  • Personal life and its affect on performance
  • Current conditions (physical, etc.) only and not those of the past


What it does not consider are the following:

  1. Historical performance or what happened last season
  2. An athlete’s record averages – all factors are only current
  3. An athletes’ past year(s) records have very little, if any affect


The great thing about the PPL score is that it doesn’t favor one position over another. AQB can have the same score as a Center. This is because the formulas take into consideration all the factors needed to truly provide an exact snapshot of an athlete or team’s current performance potential. This means you receive reliable, certifiable and unbiased rating information that you can BET on.


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