The Four Best Dog Grooming Tips

Grooming your dog isn’t just about keeping your pet looking its best. It has everything to do with keeping it healthy. While it is best to take your pet to a professional groomer for best results, it’s also important for dog owners to know how to manage simple grooming tasks. While grooming a dog does involve a bit of a learning curve, many of the best dog grooming tips have to do with what most dog owners and groomers already have lots of, a love for dogs.

1. One of the best tips for dog grooming is to make grooming as enjoyable an experience as possible for both the dog and you. Make sure your pet is relaxed then start with short sessions and gradually lengthen the time. Once your pet gets used to regular grooming, it will learn to expect and even look forward to it, making grooming sessions a great opportunity for bonding. For the owner, the obvious pay off is a dog that loves you more and the pleasure of knowing you have a healthy and happy pet. dog grooming Philadelphia

2. Brushing and combing your dog’s hair regularly will help remove dirt, pests and dead hair, untangle knots and spread natural oils through your pet’s coat, making it healthier and shinier. How often you will need to brush your dog, as well as the kind of brush to use, usually depends on the length and type of its coat. It is best to consult the experts for this.

But as a general rule, dogs with short, smooth coats or short, dense coats normally need to be brushed weekly, while those with luxurious coats will need daily attention.

3. Clipping and trimming nails is seldom enjoyable for a dog but is important since dirt and debris can accumulate between the paws and even injure your pet. Most dogs need their nails trimmed once a month. You can pick up some of the best grooming tips on how to do this from your veterinarian or dog groomer, or better still, have them do it for you since they are trained.

4. Your dog needs bathing too, of course. And once your pet gets used to it, it will actually enjoy bathing, although some pets think bath time is playtime and splash water all over your bathroom or take a nip at you if you try to hold it still. One of the best grooming tips when bathing your dog is to give it a toy to focus its attention on.

There are many other great tips for grooming your pet and it isn’t hard to find them. A click of the computer mouse, buying a book or talking to your veterinarian or groomer is all it takes to get the best grooming tips for keeping your pet – and you – happy.

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