Analyzing the Start of Nicotine Dependence

Nicotine gum is a kind of chewing gum that transfers nicotine into the blood stream of the body, they are very affordable and come in different tastes or flavors which you can willingly choose from. They are also very easy to get depending on where you are. Nicotine gums can also be used to help a person to quit smoking and it is also used as prescriptions by doctors for some patients. Some people prefer to use nicotine patches, nicotine inhalers, etc. no matter what ever is used, it still serves its purpose in the body. When you go to a shop to buy a nicotine chewing gum, it is advisable to ask yourself whether you really know how, when and why you want to use it. You will be amazed to know that some people go to the shop to buy nicotine gums for the fun of it or because, their friends or maybe a family member chews it but others out of curiosity.

Seeking the advice of a doctor on how to use the nicotine chewing gum is one thing many people feel embarrassed to do because they say it is just chewing gum so you just have to chew it but it is a very big mistake. Nicotine chewing gums should be chewed about some minutes after you eat not just after eating or before eating. When nicotine gums are not used as prescribed, there are some side effects that affect the user. Examples of these side effects are hiccups and a sore throat which causes so much pain and might cause other dangerous effects if you do not abuse the gum. When you use nicotine gum too much your gums may begin to hurt and for pregnant women, your fetus may be born with a nicotine addiction. It can also make it difficult for you to conceive a baby in your womb. 100ml vape juice

The smoking addiction is really a combination of nicotine addiction, and the behavioral aspects of addiction. Nicotine addiction is a tough one to overcome, which is why it is more difficult to quit from using a nicotine gum than say for regular chewing gum. Side effects of nicotine in your body can be very bad for you but can be prevented when you adhere to the instructions of your doctor. Jaw aches, light headaches, nausea, spitting frequently, vomiting, stomach pains, and irregular digestion are other effects of the nicotine gum if you use it too much. Also, make sure that you chew the gum slowly to prevent some of the effects like stomach pains, head aches, jaw aches and spitting frequently.

There are also some people who experience very severe reactions and effects like fainting, memory loss for short while, sweating, etc. Please, don’t hesitate to rush to the hospital because, these signs can be signs that are telling you something. Remember that this gum is supposed to be used for a short while but not all your life. Don’t be surprise when you feel a kind of peppery taste in the gum, that is how it was made to taste but if it doesn’t taste that way there is trouble. Keep out of the reach of children.

For those who need the extra stop smoking help, using nicotine gum can mean the difference between success and failure. It’s important to realize there are ways to stop smoking that can be used together, such as gum or patches in conjunction with a support group or structured quitting plan.


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